About us

Hello dear friends,

 And welcome to Yuska !

 We're a family of life-enthusiast, animals lover and entrepreneur including our wonderful mum Cecile, the four siblings that we're, Claire, Olivier, Francois and Marjo, and our best friend's Diego, a handsome Pinto horse, our wonderful dogs, Blacky and Luna, Baghuera and Kenzy plus all their babies and a bunny called Teenie.

 We founded this family business, the Yuska Company, the World's first eco-friendly brand for humans and their pets, and we're developing this amazing project internationally together.

 As animals-lover at heart, we're working on another dream, our very first Animals Rescue Shelter, a special lands where we'll rescue, take care and rehabilitate abandoned and mistreated animals as such dogs, cats..

With love,

The Yuska Family 

Born from a dream

Yuska is a dream, the dream to save, take care and rehabilitate wild and domestic animals in many countries all around the World in our Yuska Shelter Ranches.

It was our little sister's dream, and now our family is working full time in order to make it happen in the next few years.

Supporting associations, foundations and individuals who act both locally and internationally to help, preserve and protect animals, beside of our own Shelter project is more than words, it's who we're, it's our daily's life, our mission, and we're blessed to share the same passion and values about it in our family.    

We grown up in nature, surrounded by animals, we love them more than anything else and wants to do anything we could to take care of both.

This is why we choose to became vegan, and adopt a vegan lifestyle, as well as create with our company, Yuska, vegan product to replace the leather used in dog accessories, and other harmful materials.

 With hard work, dedication and and an indestructible will, we can make the things change in a positive way for both animals and our planet, for a brighter future.

Together, we can make a difference, so let's go !

With love,

The Yuska Family