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One of our two main goal is to make the pet's industry free from any chemicals, harms and toxic plastic for our planet and free from any kind of animals cruelty.


With a close to 100 millions of dog only in the  USA, and with many  of those dogs wearing at least one collars, a leash, toys, blanket, dog bed, bowls.. all made either from plastic, cotton which contain chemicals dyes, leather or silicone, we can only imagine the amount of the pollution generating by all those products around the globe, we can't find any official numbers but it must be dozens of thousands tones of plastic alone for the collars, dog bowls, dog leash and others each years, which contribute massively to the destruction of our environment, without mentioning the obvious fact that animals testing and cruelty are present in the fabrication of most of those products.


We live on the most incredible, wonderful planet, I don't know about you, but our favorite thing as a family is to go anywhere we can find the nature and walk, explore and enjoy all these incredible beauties of this planet Earth, and we can't imagine our children on day not being able to see those beauties or enjoying them.

This is a huge part of our project, protect and preserve the environment.

No matter where you look, any products  for pets are either in plastic, or contain a form of it, in leather, which in addition of being a torture against all animal's rights is also one of the most pollutant industries in this world, or in cotton, cotton dyed with chemical or tested on animals during the fabrication's process,


This is why the Yuska Company is born, the World First truly eco-friendly company, a company of 4 young people who want to change the future of our beautiful planet, a company which is totally and transparently exempt from any chemicals products, any animals testing and animal's cruelty, socio-responsible, supportive to human's right, and truly, truly vegan, in its purest and original form, not for a selling label but from our deepest conviction.

A better future is possible 


Preserving our planet by making global and positive changes is our leitmotif, this is so much more than words, or ideas, we work every days to bring into life something which we truly believe can make a huge difference.

The World need a lots of young, brilliant and motivated dreamers to improve our daily life and the futures, ours and our planet's.

From the paper we use to wrap our products, to the packaging, the flyers and business cards, every single little things in our company, Yuska, is recycled, environment  responsible, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

In the near future, we plan to build our own factory, which will be self-sufficient by working with solar energy, collecting rain water, and be build with eco-friendly material.

By doing that, not only our products will be eco-responsible but also the way they're made !


The real meaning of Vegan Products

So often we see brand and companies who claim that their products especially dog collars and leashes but also shoes, jackets, purses, are eco-friendly and vegan, made from vegan leather, but in fact any of those vegan leather are made with PU, in most cases, tested on animals, and always dyed with chemicals, which are harmful for both your dog's health and the environment.

As one of our main goal with Yuska is to make the pet's accessories industry free from plastic and harmful substances, we worked for more than a year and a half on developing thee World's First plant-based dog collars, which are free from any harms against animals, our planet and our pets.

The Yuska collars are made from Pinatex, a material made from Pineapple Leaf waste, without any chemical or harms for both the environment or the animals, and it's one of the ONLY two truly eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free substitute to leather out there, the other one is cork vegetal leather but we didn't choose to use it as it harms hundreds of oak threes by taking their cork away, which takes them up to 13 years to rebuilt.


So if you see a products  claiming to be eco-friendly or vegan, and if this is not made in Pinatex, but made from a "vegan" leather which is made himself from plastics, despite the brand said it's vegan because it's not made from an animals leather, please be careful and make your own researches.

These days, the word vegan and eco-friendly are used to sell by all brand in all contest, but only a few companies are really trustful and do really have those values.

 This is one of the reason we founded Yuska, because  we didn't find any trustable company to buy products for our dogs from, and we want to change that.

We also collaborate with the wonderful association Eden Reforestation Project, in order for our work and Yuska to contribute to rebuild forest which were destroyed in so many countries all over the World, and especially in the Planet's Green Lunge, the Amazon Forest.

For every order we receive, we plant 10 trees with them.

For more information about their great work and the country were the trees are planted in, you can check their website here . 

                    " Believe in you and your success will happen.

                 Hard work, motivation and dedication, is all it takes "

                     - Lewis Hamilton - 


By small actions, every day, and changing our choices a little bit, we can all make difference, and together we can change the World and offer a brighter future to our loved one, the next generations, our planet and the animals.

So let's make a difference today !

With all our love and gratitude,

The Yuska Family